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Experienced Guidance On Guardianships And Conservatorships In Michigan

Guardianships and conservatorships give a court-appointed person (the guardian/conservator) legal authority over somebody else (the ward). They are powerful tools designed to protect wards who don’t have the legal capacity to care for themselves or make their own decisions. Because they severely restrict the ward’s autonomy, they must be handled with care and sensitivity.

Our lawyers at DeMent & Marquardt, PLC, in Kalamazoo, are very familiar with all aspects of guardianships and conservatorships in Michigan. They focus solely on estate law and related areas and have done so since our founding in 1994. They bring a skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate approach to these cases.

What’s The Difference Between Guardianships And Conservatorships?

These two terms are commonly confused. They differ as follows:

  • A guardianship covers the ward’s general well-being, including medical care.
  • A conservatorship covers the ward’s financial and property affairs.

These roles may be further tailored to fit the situation. For example, limited guardianships or conservatorships may be appropriate in some cases. Often, guardianship and conservatorship are addressed in the same proceedings.

Basics Of Guardianships And Conservatorships

Appointing a guardian or conservator requires a court finding that the ward lacks the legal capacity to make their own decisions. They may be incapacitated as a result of a developmental disability, cognitive decline due to aging or disease, severe injury such as one from a car crash, or other causes. If they are a minor, they are legally incapacitated by virtue of their age. Parents of children with special needs often need to seek guardianship and conservatorship when their children turn 18.

Our attorneys handle all types of guardianship and conservatorship cases. They know how to navigate the court proceedings and avoid common pitfalls to pursue an outcome that makes sense for the situation and adequately addresses the needs of the ward.

Our Team Is A Reliable Resource On All Aspects Of These Cases

Whether you are considering pursuing guardianship or conservatorship or are already faced with an urgent need to protect a loved one through these avenues, our lawyers can help. Please call 269-343-2106 or send us an email to request a consultation.