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Most People Would Like Their Charitable Wishes Fulfilled, Regardless Of The Tax Consequences.

With careful planning, a person can make charitable donations – either during their life or at death – and both provide for their favorite charity, and also receive estate and income tax benefits for themselves and their beneficiaries.

DeMent & Marquardt, PLC, can help develop a strategy that makes it possible for you to realize your philanthropic objectives, while reducing your liability. Some of the options include:

  • A charitable remainder trust lets you continue to enjoy income from assets placed in trust, with the balance of the trust assets going to the charity when the trust terminates.
  • Charitable lead trusts allow you to provide income to a charity for a specific period of time, with the remaining assets passing to your beneficiaries – or even you – at the end of the trust’s term.
  • Establishing a private foundation gives you maximum control of your gift of charitable assets, allowing you to pursue charitable purposes, support innovative organizations and leverage the value of contributions to multiple organizations.

As you think about your giving goals, contact DeMent & Marquardt, PLC, for a consultation on these and other estate planning decisions.