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Battle Creek Estate Planning Attorneys

Have you considered how you’ll safeguard your legacy and protect your loved ones in the future when you are no longer here?

At DeMent & Marquardt, PLC, estate planning is not just paperwork – it is an expression of love from you to your loved ones. Our compassionate and experienced Michigan attorneys, serving Battle Creek for decades, understand your concerns. We are dedicated to providing trusted legal guidance so you can live well now and plan for the future according to your needs here in “Cereal City.”

Why Hire An Estate Planning Attorney?

Having a skilled estate planning lawyer on your side offers significant benefits:

  • Ensure all your assets are properly and efficiently transferred
  • Minimize tax liabilities
  • Shorten the probate process
  • Offer strategic legal guidance
  • Make necessary amendments to your legal documents

By focusing solely on estate planning, we stay on top of this complex area of law. We take the time to understand you, your family and your priorities. This allows us to craft a personalized plan aligned with your unique needs and goals.

Estate Planning Tips And Guidance

An estate plan could include a few key documents:

  • A last will and testament to specify who will inherit your assets and care for minor children
  • A revocable living trust to avoid probate and maintain privacy
  • A durable power of attorney to manage finances if you become incapacitated
  • A healthcare power of attorney to make medical decisions on your behalf
  • A living will to indicate your end-of-life care preferences

Starting the estate planning process early is highly recommended. Moreover, reviewing and updating your plan after major life events is crucial to preserving your intentions.

Contact Our Battle Creek Estate Planning Attorneys Today

Our law firm offers flat-fee estate planning services, meaning there will be no hidden fees. Schedule a consultation with DeMent & Marquardt, PLC, via 269-343-2106 to begin securing your family’s future. Our team serves families across Calhoun County and beyond.